Clergy, Staff,

Wardens, and Vestry

Learn more about our Clergy, Staff, Wardens, and Vestry Members

who lead the ministries of the church.

If you would like to volunteer in the church, please contact the Office:

Fr. Bates Headshot.jpeg

Rector of Grace Church in Newark 

The Reverend Father

J. Brent Bates, PhD


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(973) 623-1733

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Director of Music

Mr. Daniel Romero

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(973) 623-1733

Ministry Associate 

Miss Eleanor Andersen


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(973) 623-1733


Rector Emeritus 
The Rev. Canon George Bowen

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Priest Associate

The Rev. Lloyd Prator

The Vestry

The Rector
The Rev. J. Brent Bates, PhD


The Wardens
Tracy Cumming

Darriea Pigott

Class of 2023

Rosemary Kearney

Peter Woolley

Class of 2024

Allie Ulrich

Jeff Ulrich

Class of 2025

Shevon Armstrong

Ottie Blamah-Sah