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Church and Parish Hall Availability 


Our beautiful church building, erected in 1848, is a Registered National Landmark and was designed by Richard Upjohn, a master of Gothic Revival architecture, who also designed Trinity Church, Wall Street, NYC. The Parish House, built in the 1920's, has spaces available, including our spacious and beautiful Parish Hall with a small stage, and a basement gathering space, classroom, and kitchen.   

The Church's primary use is for the worship of God, and the mission and ministry of Grace Church in Newark. Nonetheless, Grace Church offers these attractive spaces, including the church, for use by organizations or events which benefit our wider community at affordable fees to cover upkeep and usage;  contact office@gracechurchinnewark.org or Fr. Bates for more information.

General building policies

  1. The Rector determines the usage of the building in accordance with the ministry and mission of the Church. 

  2. Church services, including weddings and funerals, have priority over other building use.

  3. Non-profit community partners whose mission fit with that of Grace Church may negotiate fees for building usage that will contribute towards utilities, cleaning, and other costs of owning and maintaining a building.

  4. The buildings may also be used for a fee for private receptions or other events at the discretion of the Rector. Fees help offset the costs of maintaining the building and the church's ministry and mission.

  5. Events will usually require a Door Attendant to allow participants access to the facilities and to check-in for the event. Depending on the time, space used, and nature of the event, the parish may provide a Door Attendant at an additional fee.

  6. Fees and deposits must be paid upfront.

  7. Events may not happen on Sunday mornings, many Sunday afternoons, or Saturday evenings (all events must be completed by 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evenings).  All other night and daytime use is subject to availability and approval.

  8. CHURCH:

    1. The Church worship space itself may be used for other large events such as Recitals, if it is determined that they will not disrupt the sanctity of the space.

    2. Fees begin at $500 per an event lasting 3 hours or less.

    3. There will be an additional charge of $100 for each additional hour.

    4. The fee and a $500 refundable damage deposit is due sufficiently prior to the event.


    1. The spacious and attractive Parish Hall may be utilized for non-profit events and meetings or for private receptions or other events.

    2. Music (at a reasonable level) and dancing are allowed.  A sound system must be provided by the user.

    3. Wine and beer may be served (not sold) to anyone 21 and older, but other alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

    4. The usual fee for the Parish Hall is $300 per an event lasting 3 hours or less with an additional charge of $75 for each additional hour. Non-profits may negotiate a reduced rate.

    5. A $300 refundable damage deposit and custodial fee beginning at $100 are required.  

    6. All fees and deposit are due sufficiently prior to the event.

    7. Except for the usage of the Parish Hall for Wedding and Funeral Receptions, these fees apply to non-members and communicants alike.

    The Parish House's basement are in need of renovation, but include a large gathering area, classrooms, kitchen, and large restrooms.  Interested parties should contact Fr. Bates.