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Miss Eleanor Andersen

Postulant for the Priesthood

Eleanor came to Grace Church in the summer of 2020 and served as the Ministry Fellow until 2023. She is now sponsored for ordination to the priesthood by the parish and attends The Virginia Theological Seminary.


Prior to her ministry in Newark, she completed an Episcopal Service Corps year at Saint Mark's, Philadelphia, and also worked at Christ Church in Philadelphia while getting her degree. She originally hails from Scranton, but also lived in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as all around Philadelphia.  

She holds a degree in Secondary Education from Temple University, with specializations in middle grades education and history. Although she planned to be a teacher, she's found her educational background helpful in completing the sundry outreach, administrative, liturgical, technological, and practical duties she fulfills around the parish.


Eleanor enjoys cooking, hiking, bad movies, DnD, and is just as much of a coffee enthusiast as Father Bates.

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