Liturgy at Grace Church

Our congregation is friendly, welcoming, and diverse.

Grace Church in Newark was founded in 1837 to be the standard-bearer for Anglo-Catholicism in northern New Jersey. Grace Church has a history of fine liturgy and music. Our liturgy reflects the influence of both the nineteenth-century Catholic revival in Anglicanism and the twentieth-century Liturgical Movement. The Eucharist at Grace Church utilizes Rite II liturgy.

At High Mass most of the liturgy is sung by the congregation, clergy, and choir. The Eucharist is celebrated at the High Altar with the congregation and celebrant facing east. Incense, lights, and colorful vestments enrich our worship.

Some Useful Documents

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What Still Separates Anglican and Roman Catholics?  by J. Macquarrie

A Commentary on the Triduum at Grace Church

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