Wedding Fees & Policies

*The fees marked by an asterisk are usually waived for communicant members and their children, while any free-will donations from communicants will be accepted. A communicant is one who worships at Grace Church regularly, has received communion at least three times in the past year, and contributes to the church (for weddings that means pledging exceeds fees charged to non-communicants).

Church Building Fee (usually waived for communicants)* = $1,000

Clergy Fee for Premarital Counseling (usually waived for communicants)* = $300

Clergy Fee for Rehearsal and Wedding (usually waived for communicants)* = $300

Organist Fee for Wedding Service (not waived for communicants) = $250 (A late start will result in a charge of an additional $100 for each 30 minutes past the scheduled beginning of the wedding)

 Soloist (not waived for members) = $125 per soloist (A late start will result in a charge of an additional $50 per soloist for every                                                                  30 minutes past the scheduled beginning of the wedding)                                                                

Flowers = To Be Discussed  

Custodial Fee for Church (not waived for members) = $100

Parish Hall for Receptions = $300 per event lasting 3 hours or less (An additional charge of $75 for every additional hour)

Additional Custodial Fee for Reception = $100

Wedding Policies

  1. All couples who seek to be married at Grace Church in Newark must conform to the canons of The Episcopal Church, including: at least one party must be baptized, both must participate in approved premarital counseling, and if either have been previously married, approval of the bishop must be secured. The Rector always has the right of refusal to officiate a wedding for any reason.
  2. Weddings and receptions may not happen on Sunday mornings and early afternoons or Saturday evenings (all weddings and receptions must be completed by 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evenings).  All other evening and daytime weddings are subject to availability and approval.  Weddings will generally not be performed during the seasons of Advent and Lent.
  3. Only the Wedding liturgy from The Book of Common Prayer (1979), pp. 422-432, may be used with only minor approved variations.
  4. The Church may be rented for weddings by other clergy with the following caveats:
    1. The canonical requirements mentioned above must be met.
    2. The altar (and the area behind the altar railing) may not be used unless the officiant is another Anglican priest and it has been arranged with the Rector sufficiently prior to the wedding.
    3. The applicable fees for non-members must be observed, except for the clergy fee.
  5. Musical selections must be approved by the Director of Music and the Rector.  Only sacred music is approved according to these parameters: sacred organ music or other acoustical sacred music may be used. Hymns and songs must come from The Hymnal 1982 (or in some instances from other approved hymnals of The Episcopal Church). No other praise music or choruses may be used with the exception of policy number 6.
  6. In order to accommodate some diverse cultural traditions, some expressions of worship may be allowed by approval of the Rector, including an African-style offertory with traditional dance.  While greater latitude will be allowed at the offertory regarding musical selections, only acoustical instruments and drums will be allowed.  No electronic instruments will be allowed.
  7. The Director of Music has the right of refusal for weddings. If the Director of Music is not available, he will help to secure another organist. If the Director of Music is available and the party wishes to engage the services of another organist instead, a bench fee of $250 will apply. Musical selections must still be approved by the Rector.