Clergy, Staff, and Vestry

The Rev. Dr. J. Brent Bates, Rector     [biography]


Office: 973-623-1733, ext. 1

The Rev. Canon George Bowen, Rector Emeritus



The Rev. Lloyd Prator, Priest Associate

Mr. James McGregor, Director of Music Emeritus


The Rector
The Rev. Dr. J. Brent Bates

The Wardens
Mr. Shawn Barnes (2016-2018)
Mr. Jim Cramer (2016-2017)      

Class of 2018
Mr. Sam Armah
Ms. Monique Elisee
Ms. Deleena Kayjay

Class of 2019
Mrs. Rosemary Kearney
Mr. Peter Woolley

Class of 2020
Dr. Curtis Branch
Ms. Tracy Cummings
Ms. Hilary Fann