Forum Schedule


Grace Church in Newark's Parish Forum will gather monthly as scheduled on Sundays from 12:30-1:30 PM, September through June. Previous speakers have included Director Daniel Karslake on his film For the Bible Tells Me So, Abstract Painter Wes Sherman on Art & Religion, NYU Professor John Gershman on Hunger, Jim McGreevey on Prison Reform, and Former U.N. Official Francis Dubois on the relevance of the U.N. in the 21st Century.

October 6, 2013  Greening Our Faith with Fr. Fletcher Harper

Fr. Harper is an Episcopal priest and GreenFaith's Executive Director. GreenFaith's mission is "inspiring, educating and mobilizing people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership." Fr. Harper will discuss issues of faith and the environment, including their new Energy Services Program for the Diocese of Newark to help congregations reduce their energy use, costs and carbon footprint. Fr. Harper is an award-winning spiritual writer and nationally-recognized preacher on the environment, teaching and speaking at houses of worship from a range of denominations in New Jersey and nationwide about the moral, spiritual basis for environmental stewardship and justice. A graduate of Princeton University and Union Theological Seminary, he served as a parish priest for ten years and in leadership positions in the Episcopal Church before becoming GreenFaith's Executive Director.

November 3, 2013  Britten 100 Forum with Joseph Arndt

December 1, 2013  The Life of Prayer with Lynne Nelson

Lynne Nelson, a parishioner of Grace Church, is the New York Chapter Convener of The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross (SCHC), which is composed of approximately nine hundred women, members of the Anglican Communion, called to live their individual lives under a rule of intercessory prayer, thanksgiving, and simplicity of life. Companions pray and work with intentional concern for The Unity of All God's People, God's Mission in the World, Social Justice, and Peace and Reconciliation. The SCHC operates a retreat center, Adelynrood, located in Byfield Massachusetts, from which conferences, programs, retreats and quiet days are open to the public.  More information about the Society and about Adelynrood can be accessed at

January  TBA

February 2, 2014  Parish-based AIDS/HIV Ministry with Deloris Dockrey, Hyacinth AIDS Foundation 

March 2, 2014  Film Screening: Interfaith Pilgrimage to Israel with Fr. Bates & Timothy Higdon

When 10 Jews, 10 Christians, and 10 Muslims traveled to Israel in October 2013 for an Interfaith Pilgrimage, they didn't anticipate spending the first several hours waiting in the Tel Aviv airport for two of their fellow Muslim travelers to be released from being detained. But this began a bond of mutual understanding that developed over the following days as the group visited holy sites for all three religions, a Palestinian refugee camp, and several organizations at the cutting-edge of interfaith cooperation in Israel. Join Father Bates and Warden Timothy Higdon, who were participants on the pilgrimage, for a screening of this 30-minute documentary by E. James Smith with Q&A to follow.

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